What are your kids really texting about?

c  -  October 17, 2019

It's getting harder and harder to trust your kids these days, with all their emojis and fortnites and that. Luckily I installed some illegal spyw- uhh, parental control software on my child's phone, but I just can't keep up with all that youth lingo. Can you help me find out when they plan to meet? (solution format: ddmmhhmm as in dd/mm hh:mm)

👧: hey you
👦: heyyy
👧: u down for netflix n chill? 💦
👧: ur place?
👦: yea sure 😍
👦: dont have netflix, is prime ok?
👧: idc
👧: when can i come over?
👦: uhh i cant tell u 😖 my mom's gonna kill me if she finds out
👧: dont u worry
👧: i know just the thing 😏
👦: 😳😳😳
👧: 🔑㊀㊁㊅㊅㊆㊁㊆㊈/㊂
👦: omg u so smart 🤯
👦: ㊂㊈㊃㊃㊄㊁㊅
👧: aight, see u l8er 👁👄👁