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Just a little puzzle to solve...

CsabixMc  -  April 4, 2021

If there is 195382 bi...

In this german personal information form is something wrong.

Kingloui  -  February 9, 2021





Moersche's Riddle

Oexvberg  -  December 13, 2020

What can p...

Fast judgment

Kingloui  -  December 12, 2020

A) A ball and a racket cost together 1,10 €. The racket costs 1 € more than ...

You Should All Know This Process

Kingloui  -  December 12, 2020

The procedure is actually very simple. There just needs to be some preparation. First of all, you have to put the items on different piles. Sometimes one pile is sufficient depending on how...

Who is left?

Pikyapoison  -  November 29, 2020

5 copy cats ...

Great fitness of rats 🐀

Kingloui  -  October 23, 2020

Female rats get their puberty after 4 months. The gestation period is less than 30 days.
Assuming, after pregnancy, they become pregnant again right...

Micro-murder (lat.: ? )

Kingloui  -  October 23, 2020

Today people might be scared by rats and would be very annoyed by fleas in their beds, but earlier in mankind’s history the people had different problems:


Julius_Henke  -  October 21, 2020

There is a company founded after 2000.
Their vehicle products don't use traditional combustio...

What's the name of the building?

Julius_Henke  -  August 25, 2020

I live in a country that looks like a 👢 shoe.
We have quite a few 🌋 volcanoes and some of them ...