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What are free puzzles?

  • All user creations and solved competitions are free
  • Earn sats when people like your puzzle
  • Often external sources are needed to discover the solution

What is a competition?

  • Join with a few Bitcoin sats
  • Every guess by any participant costs sats
  • The first to solve the puzzle wins 75% of all collected sats

What is your account?

  • Everything is linked to your current browser
  • You can withdraw sats via the Bitcoin Lightning Network

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A project by: Julius Henke


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Lightning Puzzle is a platform for puzzle enthusiasts and also a great way to try out Bitcoin lightning payments.

I am always happy to see new puzzles being created by users and will try to solve them myself. The platform can only be as good as the puzzles are and I need your creativity to have a continuous stream of good content.

If you found a bug or have a feature idea, please contact me or create an issue on Github.
I currently use OpenNode to process Bitcoin transactions.